Parking Lot Paving Virginia

A business’s first impression begins in the parking lot. That’s why it’s so crucial to put your parking lot paving in the hands of skilled and trained professionals. In Northern Virginia, your best bet for reliable parking lot services is JS Paving VA. We deliver top-notch parking lot construction results along with great value for your bottom line. Whether you’re seeking parking lot pavers for a new site or parking lot contractors for expansions, repairs, or resurfacing, give us a call. We’re the local parking lot company to count on for excellent service and flawless outcomes. Reach us today to discuss your parking lot paving needs!

Thanks to the parking lot pavers at JS Paving VA, you have one convenient source for a full range of options. As a result, you can save time and trouble by coming to us for all your parking lot services, no matter the size. Our commercial paving contractors have more than 50 years of firsthand experience. We’re here to help with:

  • New parking lot installation

  • Parking lot expansions

  • Parking lot replacements

  • Asphalt resurfacing

  • Crack and pothole repairs

  • Parking lot striping

  • Handicap space marking

  • Parking stop installation

  • Speed bump installation

  • Sealcoating

  • And more...

From initial grading to preparing the base levels to properly paving the entire surface, we’ll see to each aspect of your parking lot construction. Our parking lot contractors even have you covered for the finishing touches, including stripes, curbs, speed bumps, and signs. Our goal is to make your parking lot installation and repairs go smoothly from step one to done. Not only can we adjust our parking lot services to suit your specific site, but we know how to bring you durable, weather-resistant asphalt paving that looks great and lasts long term.

Clear Parking Lot Striping

Chaos can quickly ensue when parking lot lines are faint or missing altogether. Fortunately, JS Paving VA can carry out your parking lot striping in short order, clearly marking each space for safe and organized parking and traffic flow. Depending on your needs, we can stripe your parking lot as part of a new installation or as a separate service. Our parking lot striper team will customize your parking lot painting to reflect standard spaces, handicapped parking areas, reserved parking spots, and anything else you require. No parking lot construction is every really done until the lines are neatly painted on. We’ll see your project through to the very end.

Effective Parking Stops

Another way to help maintain an orderly parking lot is to install parking stops, otherwise known as parking curbs. JS Paving VA is ready to help with these features as well, giving drivers more to go on than parking lot lines alone. We can also help you keep out unwanted drivers by installing parking bumpers where cars are not permitted. Since each parking lot setup is different, it’s a must to work with contractors who can accommodate your company’s individual requests for parking stops, parking bumpers, and other key considerations. We’re even able to tackle sign installations along with your parking blocks.

Traffic-Calming Speed Bumps

Speed bumps have proven to be a surefire tool for getting a driver’s attention and slowing down incoming vehicles. If you’re interested in traffic-calming speed humps for your Fort Worth-area business, look no further than JS Paving VA. Whether all you need is a single speed bump or you’d like a succession of speed bumps for a long stretch of road, we’re fully equipped to help. Speed hump installation is a simple yet effective way to force drivers to slow down. Don’t overlook this essential safety factor when planning your parking lot. For more information about our speed bump installation service, reach us by phone or e-mail.